St Bartholomew's, Horley

Detling Summer Celebration

People from the Horley Parish old and young have been going to the Detling Summer Celebration, held on the Kent Showground near Maidstone every year. Over five days, there is a selection of workshops, seminars, prayer and worship for all ages and most of all an opportunity meet with God with other members of our church family.


Most people camp, others stay in caravans or in nearby bed and breakfasts. Some people spend just a day there or come part of the week.

Here are some of the experiences from those who have been:

"Not only did I get a spiritual refreshment, but I also got to know people from our church who I didn't know that well before. We had opportunity to share our faith with each other in a really informal setting. What I loved about Detling was that there was just enough going on and not too much, unlike other Christian 'conferences' I've been to." Anna

"Detling 2012 was a strong message year and a fantastic time of worship and teaching. I had missed two healing sessions and there wasn't supposed to be another one. Then they announced there would be a third one so I made sure I went due to the many things I'm going through. They started praying for me, (the difficult bit). I was prayed for about a past trauma in my life and many things going on recently, but then I heard nothing, when I opened my eyes the prayer team were still there they said they just watched God working on me and that the process has started. So God is doing some moulding in my life. Thank God things will start changing." St Bart's worshipper

If you want to join the St Bart's party next year, listen out for announcements in Parish News or ask one of the clergy for more information.
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